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Body Shop Equipment
Tools to make painting easier and faster.


20350 Pro Step
A versitile step designed for the bodyshop.

35000 Soft Strike Aluminum Conversion Kit
Automakers are using more and more aluminum components; using your steel tools can cause corrosion. Don't buy a new set of tools, cover your old ones!
Xtension Arms

35752 XTension Arm Kit
Convert your portable bench to a painting stand.

Work Stand Clamp
35753 Work Stand Clamp
A simple plier clamp to clamp a car door or other panel to a work stand quickly and securely. Adjustable to your work stand (X-frame).
Work Stand Wheeler 35756 Work Stand Wheeler
The Steck Work Stand Wheeler lets you move your loaded X-style workstand yourself!
Portable Bench

35755 Heavy Duty Portable Bench
A portable bench anywhere you need it!
Handles up to 500 lbs.

Tool Sling

35757 Tool Sling
Tool holding cover for your portable bench.

Bumper Tree

35800 Bumper Tree
A specialized stand for painting bumpers, fenders and more.

Bed Lifter
35885 Bed Lifter
A bracket designed just to lift truck beds.
Panel Tree

35900 Panel Tree
An adjustable stand that takes the frustration out of painting panels, hoods and doors.

Tailgate Holder
35910 Tailgate Holder
Optional accessory for the above Panel Tree. Makes it easy to paint tailgates.
Tie Rod Coupler
71470 Tie Rod Coupler
Temporarily secure a broken tie rod with this unique device.
Steck 4th Wheel Loader 71480 4th Wheel Loader
Easily load vehicles with damaged wheels. Use for vehicles with broken ball joints, lost wheels, locked wheels or brakes, collision damage, control arm failures and more!
71490 I-Bolt Universal Tow Eye 71490 I-Bolt: Universal Tow Eye
Allows quicker loading of disabled vehicles with tow eyes without having to buy multiple sizes of tow hooks to match the different threaded tow eyes for each vehicle.




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